Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tegan & Sara Sainthood Bonus Tracks

With a little mindless wading I fell upon a YouTube featuring tiny samples of b-sides not on Tegan & Sara's new album Sainthood. Two of the tracks come "bundled" with the Itunes version of said album ("Light Up" and "Wrists" I believe). However, with a little more digging I managed to find out that there are actually four b-sides, the other two being "Sheets" and "It Was Midnight" (oddly enough I like them better than the first two). So, in short, here are all 4 "bonus tracks" for your listening pleasure (all available via Itunes).



Light Up:


It Was Midnight:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Jim Ivins Band - EP (Album Review)

The Jim Ivins Band

I recently got a chance to listen to the The Jim Ivins Band's new 5 song EP. The best way to describe it is spartan and heartfelt rock of the non-try-hard variety. One thing I find markedly refreshing is the fact that the band itself is so honest and happy-go-lucky heart on their sleeve pussycat-sweet - there's nothing really spurious about them. Now, I'm sure by that description you probably assume you would be in for some sort of peppy go-go music, but actually, cynic, there is a lot of starry-eyed angst between them (at least musically).

The album starts off with "Fall Flat" with classic buzzing bee guitar riffs and flying "around the world" drums. The lead singer - Jim - has the perfect twin pistol vocal rage: high to low, it always hits its target - even when he decides to go for a copious amount of 9MM notes (which he does here). Overall, nothing really falls flat here - lyrically, the song breathes effervescent emotion and the candy smoke ring pretty bridge will squeeze your heart with fiber wire. Very touching.

Another notable stand-out - and one of my personal faves - is "The Chance," which is just pure buoyant fun and features some of the album's most fervent lyrics ("I muster up the courage just to open my mouth wide, and give a glimpse of just what's going on inside"). The riffs have a certain happy yet doleful twinkle to them, almost Gin Blossoms-esque. This song is especially interesting due to how some of the lyrics are purposely anchored in ignorance and/or have an impenetrable avidity (see: "the excuses to meet you are all gone so I'll make one up."). As you can see, you can pretty much play chess with this song. There are myriad pieces and much to contemplate.

The drums on "Back to Reality" are a real jawbreaker - calling them "face-boffing" would be an understatement - These drums could beat you into a state of permanent unconsciousness. As for the lyrics, they are simple yet covert ("I'll be waiting... in a memory"). It's hard to really say anything bad about them because they're sung in such a positively ear-kissing way, with ample conviction. Though, unlike most of their songs, this one isn't really constipated with good lyrics. However, even though I kind of liked "Nothing's real till she goes home" I still pretty much stand by my opinion - this song is kind of redundant and superfluous, albeit catchy. So I guess it evens out.

Every Day's Another Goodbye is a nice fleecy acoustic song. The lyrics once again run an unpredicted hook through your mouth and quickly reel you in ("Goodbye to my stomach, my pride"). Ironically, one of the lyrics is "'cause it's up for interpretation." That pretty much sums up all their songs: Everyone is liable to walk away from them with something different (think: a Goya painting, only less dark... and a lot less baby eating). It should be noted that a tiny sum of the lyrics are kind of hackneyed - for example: talk of "drifting farther" is simply trite no matter how you parse it. A couple adjectives here and there would have worked wonders for this song. Not to mention, the song really hangs during the last 30 seconds or so - just a bunch of acoustic guitar with no real hook, no chorus, no punch. The Chance and Fall Flat ended with a good one-two, however this one doesn't, and in turn ends up accidentally uppercutting itself in the process.

In summation: An excellent EP for the length with a prodigious amount of hi-quality material by a pretty much ego-less band who have got the right mindset and follow the age-old short but sweet "less is more" pop-rock science and it pays off nicely. I should also mention that the last song on the EP - How To Hold On - is by and large the most interesting. There is a blatant contradiction in:"Even though you're gone, just want to know you're not leaving." The line is interesting in that, while obtuse, it catches a certain denial twist in regards to love (as well as a feeling of querulous longing). Goes to show that a handful of EP-songs can be even more satisfying than say a full-length album with 12-13 which would probably have its share of buttnugget filler. These guys take their time, they don't put out quantity over quality in the moment detritus, and that is respectable.

Now, if it were up to me, these guys would be shucking Chicken McNuggets at little kids in a successful Happy Meal promotion... but I guess you can't have everything. So i guess I'll just do the next best thing and use all of my newfound star-power and proceed to overdose fat Elvis-style on this EP again, as well as this - now slightly irrelevant - song the inimitable caterpillar 'browed lead singer, Jim, made about Halloween, aptly titled: "It's Halloween." Check it out. It's scary good.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures (Album Review)

Josh Homme (QOTSA), David Grohl (Foo Fighters), and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) team up and in turn create a so-it-right-now rock "supergroup" with their debut self-titled album Them Crooked Vultures. (Homme on drums/guitar, Grohl on vocals, John Paul on bass). Them Crooked Vultures sounds a lot like QOTSA only with better material. In fact, I will go out on a limb and say this debut is better than the last few albums these people have made with their own respective bands. Talk about an unflappable will to rock.

Seriously, this is head-pecking rock at its best.

Now, first, let's talk about that album cover: that's one moody flagitious looking vulture - plus, it looks totally crooked! The red white and black very much remind me of the album cover for the QOTSA album "Songs For The Deaf" - simple yet effective. Intentional or not, the look and quality are pretty much on par with said album, which really is a great thing. However there is a picture of the band standing around - sorry, looming - and one of them is holding an umbrella. What does that even mean! That confused me more than that vulture in that one Hostess commercial... but I digress.

The first two songs on the album are truly mind molestingly great, especially Mind Eraser, No Chaser which features table pounding riffs and both Homme and Grohl harmonizing. Amusingly, the album ends with some soft syrupy trumpets - totally unexpected and unintentionally funny. Another stand-out is "Elephants" which is pretty much the "jam" of the record, and the lyrics "Pachyderms full of germs" totally kill me (so vulture-esque!). If anything solidifies John Paul Jones' statement that Them Crooked Vultures is the best band in the world it's those lyrics (/sarc, just kidding, but their catchy supersonic riffs do put them up there). Scumbag Blues sparkles greatly with Homme's trademark falsetto ear candy and some really hook-y bass playing. Though there is one song that I have tried to fight myself into liking: "Vandoliers." The song features a certain (insert drums) triteness which kind of sucks goat dong. However, the riffs kind of have a magnetic grab to them what with the whole Spanish flavor. Los Crooked Buitres?

One song that is kind of middling-at-best is Interlude With Ludes (great title, though). The cringe-worthy vocals, banal whispers, and "garbage can drums" really do nothing for me, and the only thing that really saves it is the semi-morose ending lyrics: "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am." A redeemer of sorts would have to be Caligulove (nice wordplay). The intro will probably turn you into a dancing foot twisting imbecile like Elaine from Seinfeld, and there's a lot to (Caligu)love about the face buffeting tribal drum thrash. The song ends with soft piano music, another throw you for a loop kind of thing like they did on Mind Eraser. The gem of the album has got to be Gunman which has some interesting "swooshing" doped up riffs and solos as well as a highly clappable bridge. The last song on the album is Spinning With Daffodils which starts off with very somber and sweet piano playing that you would expect to hear playing during a Hallmark commercial while a pregnant woman is looking outside a rainy window. It's not that great of a song, though, the vocals are kind of hard to make out and I would put this together with Reptile as the only songs that would make you do that left and right hand tilting motion and basically say "it's okaaay" But hey, it has some tambourines and stuff. Does that count?

In summation: The fact that people laud this band as a "supergroup" and cite the members won't exactly hurt album sales, but I find it kind of annoying as it then makes that part of the selling point and takes away a bit from the music itself doing that (good for business, bad for me - I find the term "supergroup" incredibly irritating). In "short," Them Crooked Vultures have officially succeeded in doing what they sought out to do, and that is sweeping me off my feet (both literally and figuratively).I like most people hope this album and Them Crooked Vultures isn't just a one time thing, because these guys are extremely talented. I guess you could even call them...vultureosos.

Final verdict: 4 1/2 stars

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster Artwork

The artwork for Lady Gaga's new album "The Fame Monster" is interesting (and disturbing) to say the least. The cover art I've grown to love, it's bold and self-assured without being annoying - in short, it's hypnotizing. However, not all of the artwork is of such a high quality - there are some real clunky junkers out there, like this one:

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

Not her most flattering picture to say the least. I'm sure she wasn't going for pretty here (on purpose), but still, there should be a limit - she kind of looks like that woman from The Ring. I mean, Lady Gaga isn't as unattractive as many people says she is, she just has a habit of giving people cannon fodder like this what with the streak make up, clueless expression, and wiry broom-like dustbin hairdo (Lady Gaga: The Broom Monster?). It just isn't a good look. And by the way, what is with the right side of her hair all static and up in the air like that? Either it's getting blown by a fan or someone needs to comb that shit down - unless the ghost of her sanity is in the room, then someone should have fucking fixed it. And as for this one:

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

What the fuck is that supposed to be? Nice consistency with the smeared makeup, but what is she wearing, what is that on her head, and why did she suddenly revert black to blond hair? Either she is very clever and I'm missing something, or her next album should be entitled: The Fume Monster because she is sort of giving off the impression that she is probably sucking the back end of a carburetor (or as she is liable to call it: "carburetor stick"). Call me crazy but I just don't find the pantyhose monster all that scary. (Moving on.)

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

See, I just give up now. Are those crows in her hair? For a good while I was sitting here mulling this over pic thinking if it was just another crazy-ass 'do of hers, but no, it's some crows. What does it symbolize you ask? Probably something to do with the film The Crows (she seems to love her Hitchcock - "give me your psycho, your vertigo stick" comes to mind), but even so, it's still pretty random. I'm not a makeup biologist or anything but even I can tell her eyelashes are fucked the hell up. But at the very least you have to be grateful that they didn't choose to use lurid-orange horror movie letters for text.

I think we should all thank Lady Gaga for having the balls (unintentional joke) to do something like this. Though before I end this I just have to ask: are those crows featured on the new album? I mean do they sing on it - if I'm not mistaken they do a little cameo on "Bad Romance" ("Caw-Caw-ah-ah-ah"). Someone please let me know if they did. I am a really big fan of crows (and Lady Cawcaw).

Now, let's recap: what did we all learn today? The answer is of course:

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

Said the Whale - Camilo (The Magician) Music Video

Note: Below you can check out the new music video for Camilo (The Magician) by Vancouver-based indie band "Said the Whale." The video is as charming and saccharine sweet as you can get - butterflies, ear to ear grins, cloud gazing (at happy and angry ones), a flaming kite string, a raccoon, bobble head-esque super-deformed characters... and well, trust me it's a lot to explain, just check it out:

Amusing screen-shots:
Said the Whale - Camilo (The Magician)

Said the Whale - Camilo (The Magician)

Said the Whale - Camilo (The Magician)

Also be sure to listen to their other song Strong Swimmers as well.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Dead Weather - Horehound (Album Review)

The Dead Weather - Horehound

I bet you didn't guess upon first glance that the woman above is Allison Mosshart from The Kills, and Jack White of the White Stripes plays drums (and guitar) on this. As a fan of both bands this came as a very sweet surprise (Midnight Boom + Icky Thump = both like onomatopoeia?), and well, what could go wrong - Allison and Jack are both in their prime, and yes, rest assured... while not all perfect, there is some really in-your-face skin-melt rock here.

The funny thing is Allison sounds a lot like Jack sometimes, however that lil' nitpick aside they both harmonize absolutely beautifully together. Though I must note with bemusement that a cursory glance at the back of the album Horehound revealed a rather obtuse "darker than black" album theme, really Halloween type spooky-ghouly stuff. For example, all the artwork and especially song titles: "Hang You From The Heavens" and "Bone House" (to the laughably titled closer "Will There Be Enough Water?").

Hang You From The Heavens is very much the limp leg of this animal, with Jack White interjecting just to mindlessly spout "aye-e" (and this was the single, by the way). One of the best songs on the album is "I Cut like A buffalo" - Allison and Jack seem to work best in harmony, however the lyrics are seldom clever, and the song kind of suffers from a bit of Too Much Going On Syndrome, but even so, the analogy "stand up like a tower" is passable. The riffs in "Rocking Horse" are hard-hitting, entertaining, and needle-pointed. Then lo and behold there's "Nice Pony" (horse, pony, nice theme) which is actually a cover of an old Bob Dylan song kept alive by near-livid guitar playing. Then there's "Bone House" which isn't all that bad per se but simply reminds me of the fact that Jack White really likes putting the word "bone" (or bones) in a song title - for example: Raconteurs (jack White side-project): Store Bought Bones. The White Stripes: Bone Broke. And finally, the Dead Weather: Bone House. Again, nice theme, now just tell me what the fuck it means (if anything?).

In any case, Bone House passes by very quickly, it's a fun little rock 'n roll body twister with a spectacular solo. Plus the song starts off with maracas and electronic sounds, and an utterly mind molesting megariff at around 1:37 (arguably the best on the whole album). Also, an odd little slow you down song is "3 Birds" which is actually quite refreshing (no lyrics), and all in all this album is pretty fucking tight (think an unripe peach) - much like the recently released self-titled debut from "Them Crooked Vultures" - the only real shit-bomb on here is "No Hassle Night" which admittedly sucks 60 kinds of horse cock. Which reminds me... I almost forgot to mention "60 Feet tall" - which is actually the album opener - one of my current faves what with the slow to ultra-loud buildup and practically musing bass playing.

The Dead Weather: Horehound is dark, dreary, dense and pretty damn redundant at times, but it still has enough hook-splashed "crunchy guitar" flavor to keep/merit your attention for a little while. The music here is anything but "dead," however it's just not as refreshing as either of the singer's respective bands. Srsly.

Final verdict: 4 out of 5

Tegan & Sara: Sainthood (Album Review)

Tegan & Sara - Sainthood

So I remember listening to Tegan & Sara's last album "The Con" one cold October morning in 2007 and thinking "this song is kind of catchy... and this one kind of isn't." When I went back to the album over a year and a half later I was very surprised just how ignorant I had been (especially after I discovered their back catalog, I'm talking stuff like "This Business Is Art" ). Though back then I could really care less, 1-2 songs caught me and nothing else. However a few months back I saw Tegan & Sara's new album Sainthood just glistening among a total crapheap on Amazon and so I excitedly thought to myself, "Why not?" I mean, just look at that album cover. It just stands out.

I won't go super in-depth here as to the "concept" of the album, but I do recall Tegan & Sara saying something about the ins and outs of relationships, and more than anything, longing (the album is about love and longing - that's our safest bet). Oddly enough considering the "themes" involved you would assume you would get emo-centric hackneyed garbage but nope. The writing here is simply scrumptious and nothing short of sublime. I was immediately struck by the first song "Arrow" and how the chorus imbedded a feeling of utter melancholy - it just repeats that lovely chorus again and again - but never to annoying effect - and so I am sure many will want to relisten to it until it starts to sound bad (though it hasn't for me and I must have heard this song at least 200+ times this month alone).

There are many songs worth quirking an an inquisitive eyebrow over, most notably "Hell" with its pronged and pretty guitar opening/counter riffs throughout. From "The Cure" (which ironically sounds like The Cure), to the turbo-rock-charged "Northshore" (the real "rock song" of the album), to Sara's songs like "On Directing Me"... it's all so very perfect and heartbreaking - no trite cloying emotions here. I'm not sure what exactly I'd cut off the album, I do love "Alligator" and "Don't Rush"... everything just absorbs you and grows on you after awhile, like say, Tetsuo's mechanical mutant looking arm in the movie Akira (lol). To think at the same time they wrote/recorded this album they wrote a book? They're saints alright.

In summation: Tegan & Sara: Sainthood is without a doubt the most gelid yet heartwarming deep and meaningful pop/alternative album of the year. It's fresh, it's "hook-y" (as Tegan & Sara would put it) and it's just flat-out fucking fantastic. Please do me - and you - a favor and drop some small "coin" on this album - from behind-the-scenes videos to web episodes like "Reflections," it's pretty obvious these lovely ladies care/mean business - and therefore deserve yours.

Final verdict: 5 fucking stars

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Song Snack Music Reviews Song Of The Day

Another day, another Song Snack recommendation. I will add a new song each day for your listening pleasure. As always, I look forward to your feedback in the comments section. So anyway, to begin the fourth ever Song Snack Song of the Day... I present to you...

"Mind Eraser, No Chaser" by Them Crooked Vultures (off of "Them Crooked Vultures").

OMG, Them Crooked Vultures?! Listen to it now:

Song Snack Music Reviews Free Streaming Music

Recently Song Snack came upon a great site called Obscure Sound - lots of great album reviews as well as streaming songs on each article. Check it out:

Be sure to click "Reviews" in the top nav bar so you can see all of their reviews, not just the ones in the middle of the home page, there are a lot lot more than that. I'd check out their recent article on a little band called Beach House (new album coming out next year), but feel free to wade nice and and deep - or else you'll drown in all their wonderful content and we'll have to come and save you.

Song Snack Music Reviews
- Saviors.

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Song Snack Music Reviews Song Of The Day

Another day, another Song Snack recommendation. I will add a new song each day for your listening pleasure. As always, I look forward to your feedback in the comments section. So anyway, to begin the second ever Song Snack Song of the Day... I present to you...

"Put Me Back Together" by Weezer (off of "Raditude").

OMG, Weezer?! Listen to it now:

Tegan & Sara and Andrew W.K, Christmas Song

Fucked Up entitled - Do They Know It's Christmas?

I recently came upon a song by Fucked Up entitled "Do They Know It's Christmas?" - the song features the following artists:

Andrew W.K., Bob Mould, David Cross, Ezra Koenig, GZA, Kevin Drew, Kyp Malone, Tegan and Sara, Yo La Tengo

I personally think it's worth it simply for Tegan and Sara's part - but if you like any of the above-mentioned bands feel free to dl it via Itunes for a paltry .99 cents (all proceeds go to charity):

Song Snack Music Reviews
- Who knew David Cross could sing?

SongSnack Music Presents: 6 snack-sized reviews

This is what SongSnack Music Reviews is all about: snack-sized reviews and giving you the most information possible with the least amount of words. This SongSnack is all name brand meat, protein enriched, no namby-pamby girly man reviews - this is SongSnack.

SongSnack proudly presents: 6 snack-sized album reviews

1. Creed - "Full Circle." Creed makes a "comeback." In quotes to keep you guessing, it's not completely terrible but nothing like their past uber-catchy stuff. 3 1/2 stars. Arms wide open? Sure. I'd gladly hug this CD into a million fucking pieces.

2. Three Days Grace - "Life Starts Now." Great album cover... even greater headache. Lost In You is worth a download, the rest is worth less than a fuck-load. 3 1/2 stars.

3. Breaking Benjaman - "Dear Agony." Falling away, Fading Away... I just don't care anymore, it's all the same. I really can't tell the difference between this band and Three Days Grace - all I know is that both bands were actually good in 2006 and now they're pretty much mildly retarded and have no clue as to how to advance their sound. Listen to Dear Agony and Into The Nothing... then break Benjaman's CD to bits. 3/12 stars. Also, irony alert: in the last track the singer says "says something new" after an entire album of falling down, fading, and turning into a gay vampire... I don't know.

4. Alice In Chains - "Black Gives Way To Blue." Certainly as hard as old Alice In Chains but missing that certain soul the old singer brought. I just can't help but think cash-in and roll my eyes - this guy isn't Layne Staley. Listen to "Private hell" and then relisten to Dirt. Though if you're a total die-hard I can't see you really hating this - same sound, same songwriting... just not as memorable. 3 1/2 stars.

5. Wolfmother - "Cosmic Egg." What do we have here... Wolfmother sans all but one original member, and in lieu of an artsy naked chick on the cover there is a giant egg? Oh good. Is this a b-sides compilation... or... no, it's a full-length album and it is wank. New Moon Rising is worth a listen but i can't help but think that's a stab at a little Twilight "New Moon" money... kind of apt because this album really does suck. Plus, remember: A giant egg on an album cover. If this is breakfast then fuck eggs, Wolfmother is toast. 3 stars.

6. Them Crooked Vultures (self-titled). Talk about a surprise. Just when I thought Josh Homme and David Grohl didn't have anything left to give and they are simply burned-out talentless hacks (both putting out sub-par albums in their respective bands) here we have what is arguably the best rock album of 2009. Not to mention, that vulture on the album cover looks totally crooked. 4 1/2 stars.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (review)

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

I was a bit surprised by how fast Lady Gaga came out with her follow up album The Fame Monster (from a marketing standpoint releasing a new album just as she has hit her stride is incredibly smart, but still - too soon?). I was hoping she would just take a little break, recharge her batteries (wink wink) and then release something akin to her first album, which spawned several hit singles and could even make a grown man break down in tears and scream "POKERFACE!!!" What we got here is less pop gems and something very short and safe, but oddly enough, not really as bad as one would expect for something with such a small production window.

The first song/single off the album is "Bad Romance" which went off to be one of her most popular songs ever. It's a great song but I kind of felt like she was just being way too inane and self indulgent throwing out lyrics like "Gaga, ooh la la." It's just weird and self absorbed even though it's *probably* meant to be funny. But what was that whole line about a vertigo stick? Lady Gaga has mentioned having an affinity for old horror/sci-fi movies before so I guess the lyrics "give me your psycho, your vertigo stick" are just references to Alfred Hitchcock. Fair enough. But I can't help but feel she is trying to cash in on the ever popular line "disco stick" from her previous album The Fame. However, I really like the little bloops throughout the song - they sound a lot like the sound Mr. Game & Watch makes when he walks around in Super Smash Bros. Don't believe me? Check it out:

I doubt that sound is made by an instrument... but I could be wrong. It's interesting to say the least.

Other songs worth mentioning are "Alejandro" and "So Happy I Could Die" (my personal favorite, but the lyrics are kind of explicit). I find it kind of funny that Lady Gaga is at her best when she doesn't say anything - just says things like "eh-eh, eh-eh/ye-ha, ye-ha." That's not really an insult but moreso a testament to her ability to craft catchy choruses that burn their way into your bobbing head. But back to those songs: Alejandro seems to be some sort of love letter to a guy who I assume exists. You'd be hard-pressed to find a catchier out right now... every time I read the song title I start to hear the lyrics in my head: "alejandro, alejandro/ale ale jandro, ale ale jandro."

The song will sink into your cranial cherry pie and beat the fucking lyrics into it. It's that catchy.

So Happy I could Die is probably the most *touching* song on the album - not only in an emotional sense but a risque one as well. For example: she constantly mentions touching herself and not being able to get enough (/groan). Even so, it's just as catchy as Alejandro so don't expect to walk away from this album without gibbering these lyrics to yourself like a lunatic (which may or may not be a good thing, so you decide - then again, you couldn't be any crazier than her right? The only outfit she hasn't worn yet is a dress made out of Twizzlers).

The Fame Monster is a highly infectious, albeit shallow and short package that doesn't really live up to her previous album The Fame. A lot of people will argue that this album is just a quick cash-in but I disagree: it's a great "this is me, take it or leave it" statement. It's probably not what a lot of her old fans are expecting and she just keeps getting weirder and more experimental, but at least now people can't really say she has no depth. I'm sure a lot of people want to nail gun her face to death at this point, but you can do a lot worse than Lady Gaga and her innate weirdness (genius?). I will take an unpredictable freakazoid like her over a predictable normal person any day. This whole album - including the artwork - is just fucking creepy, over-the-top and insane... and yet it works.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Song Snack Music Reviews
- We'll show you ours.

Bowling For Soup - Sorry For Partyin' (review)

Bowling For Soup - Sorry For Partyin'

I was never a real big fan of Bowling For Soup. I was introduced to them like most people - through that one single 1985. Sure, the song was catchy and the video was... interesting to say the least... but most people just didn't care because they dismissed them as either a one-hit wonder/novelty band. They've been around for a pretty long time (well over 10 years) and so I thought I'd give them a chance with their new album since it was getting positively glowing 5 star reviews on Amazon. Bowling For Soup are pretty much a comedy band (think: Tenacious D and Flight of the Concords), so don't expect to really be *moved* or anything, just to have a few good chuckles. That being said, as soon as I heard the first song "A Really Cool Dance Song" I couldn't help but laugh. Just look at some of the lyrics:

Bowling For Soup - A Really Cool Dance Song

We grew up in the suburbs
Got guitars for Christmas and started a punk rock band
Then we travelled the nation, became a sensation
In our '82 Dodge Van

And now we're gettin older and much more sober
And we've got some big house payments to make
The wife wants a handbag, the kids need some college
And we just need one hit single to break
Get ready here it comes

This song sounds like a dance song
Cuz dance songs are cool now
So get up and shake what your mama gave ya
It's our attempt at a dance song
A really cool dance song
It's gonna be a great big hit

And now the label is so stoked
they don't get to damn joke
The downloads will rock the charts
Like the guys on the TV with the frilly tuxedos
The ones that break the young girls' hearts
And now we can too

This song sounds like a dance song
Cuz dance songs are cool now
So get up and shake what your mama gave ya
It's our attempt at a dance song
A really cool dance song
I can't wait to hear the remix

A pretty funny song, but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be "My Wena," which is basically a love song about the lead singer's penis (he refers to it as a woman). Suffice to say, this is the most passionate song I've heard about someone's penis in awhile. I'm not trying to be a dick or anything, I really do like the song. Lyrics:

Bowling For Soup - My Wena

Her name is Wena.
Hey, have you seen-a?
Everyone says she's amazing.
She gets so jealous,
She sticks her head up
When I'm checkin' out the ladies.
And she needs so much attention
She's always hangin' around.

My Wena is lonely tonight.
(My Wena)
She cries when I turn out the light
(My Wena)
She's only happy when I'm holdin' her tight
Oh, My Wena.
Take a look at my Wena.

The whole album is filled to the brim with that kind of stuff. The album is a bit rock, pop, and all kinds of ridiculous... but never grating. The only real bad thing I have to say about the album is it's a bit too long (about 50 minutes), but then again, that nitpick is kind of silly given the content is for the most part incredibly witty and catchy. If the song title "Horray For Beer" makes you giggle like a lunatic, like me, then you'll probably eat this guys Wena right up... err... love this album. Bowling For Soup has officially set the standard for inane yet hilarious pop rock about BFFs and claiming not to be able to speak any English in order to get out of annoying situations. Classic.

Final verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Songsnack Music Reviews:
- Album cover of the year?

Owl City Live In Concert

I thought I would share this interesting (and sometimes funny) Owl City concert I found on YouTube. Here they play a good amount of songs from Ocean Eyes as well as a few songs that aren't on it, like Strawberry Avalanche and Hot Air Balloon. The concert is about 30 minutes in length and not filled with a lot of boring filler or long drawn out talking to the audience (he talks to the audience but he knows when to stop and just start singing again - good on him).

Check it out:

Song Snack Music Reviews
- Nice dance moves, Adam.

Songsnack Music Playlist Vol. 1 (12 songs)

I'm almost positive I've made one of these before but would like to trick myself into believing I didn't (it's probably a mess). So *maybe* I'm starting anew here. This is a playlist I put together in order to meet the needs of the general census - a mix of genres, some popular stuff, some obscure stuff, etc. Songsnack Music Playlist Vol. 1. Feel free to put this list together, or cherry-pick and find some good artists/songs.

1. Kanye West - "Stronger" (featuring Daft Punk)
2. Sufjan Stevens - "The Dress Looks Nice On You"
3. The New Pornographers - "Myriad Harbour"
4. Lights - "Drive My Soul"
5. The Brilliant Green - "Rainy Days Never Stays"
6. The Gaslight Anthem - "Old White Lincoln"
7. Astronautalis - "Trouble Hunters"
8. Reliant K - "Be My Escape"
9. Beck - "Sexx Laws"
10. Fun. - "I Wanna Be The One"
11. John Mayer - "Heartbreak Warfare"
12. Massive Attack - "Angel"

Songsnack Song Of The Day

Another day, another recommendation. I will add a new song each day for your listening pleasure. As always, I look forward to your feedback in the comments section. So anyway, to begin the second ever Songsnack Song of the Day... I present to you...

"Avalanche" by Marie Digby (off of "Breathing Underwater").

OMG, Marie Digby?! Listen to it now:

Duffy - Rockferry (review)

Duffy - Rockferry

I'd be lying if I said I didn't pick up most of my albums based sheerly on how cute the girl on the cover is. This time, though, the name drew me in. Duffy? I was interested to see if she sounded anything like Duffman from the Simpsons... she doesn't, but she does have a great voice. At first listen she sounds kind of like generic "soul"... but the album actually gets better as time progresses (which usually isn't the case - albums tend to get slower and more forgettable).

I don't think many people will get this album upon first listen, it's consistently good but might sound a bit too same-y for some people. That being said, listen to "Stepping Stone" and "Mercy," the latter is the most upbeat song on the album - very much worth a listen). Rockferry by Duffy can mostly be defined by that old "grower" album cliche... at least for me. If you like classic soul then you will probably get hooked from the word go.

For the most part I come back to Rockferry every now and then and remember Duffy has a pretty incredible voice, I think you should give her at least one chance, especially if you are into artists like Leona Lewis, Adele, and James Morrison - check out a bit of Mercy here:

Final verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Free MP3 by Other Girls

For the most part Amazon's free music downloads are middling-at-best, though there are some gems from time to time (I did find Owl City this way). The thing about these songs are they mostly put up singles which aren't always the best songs on (insert name's) album. In fact, some of these are putrid puddles of assgruel, nothing more. But from time to time there are some good'uns. I'm going to keep you updated on what's there until we hit pay dirt. Sound Good?

Though you should hurry, some songs are free for a few days to a week. Others for a day. That being said, go ahead and download this one (and try to follow me here and not miss out on some good songs):

Amazon/ left nav bar/Movies, Music & Games/then MP3 Downloads

The song is Hey Fella, Ya Fell by Other Girls. Not bad at all. It's loopable... and did I mention it's free? Get it now!

Songsnack Music Reviews
- The other Other Girls

A Fine Frenzy - Bomb in a Birdcage (review)

I don't know what it is about that album cover... or that woman for that matter, but it stops me dead in my tracks every time.

Bomb in a Bird Cage is the sophmore (ie, 2nd) album from Alison Sudol otherwise known as "A Fine Frenzy." I heard a lot great things about her debut One Cell In The Sea, it got a lot of candy-coated praise and I went out and got it but barely gave it any rotation. I don't know why, really. Nothing just stood out to me. I guess I was just too busy opening my zipper - just look at her - in lieu of my ears and mind, but regardless, this is a very beautiful saccharine sweet album (I was instantly hooked, unlike with the debut).

Granted, I seriously need to give One Cell In The Sea another chance, but it will probably be awhile since I am positively gob-smacked by Bomb In A Birdcage - "Electric Twist" and "Blow Away" are the most notable songs for me (an honorable mention goes to "Bird of the Summer"). That whole "bird" thing strikes me as somewhat ironic, considering her sunny soothing voice is quite reminiscent of a bird itself. She's like Feist, only you can actually understand what it is she's saying.

Give Bomb in a Birdcage by A Fine Frenzy a listen and I'm sure you will be just as fascinated by this little birdy as I am. Fly - don't walk - to your nearest retailer and pick up a copy today... this woman is one talented chirp off the old block.

Final verdict: 4 1/2 stars out of 5

Songsnack Song Of The Day

Today I am proud to present the first of many (and I mean many) song recommendations. I will add a new song each day for your listening pleasure. As always, I look forward to your feedback in the comments section. So anyway, to begin the first ever Songsnack Song of the Day... I present to you...

The Killers - "Losing Touch" (off Day & Age)

OMG, The Killers?! Listen to it now:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

6 Songs You Should Listen To Right Now

This is just going something I do from time to time - a little bite-sized - yet wholly filling - way to get music fast without a lot of browsing. Just leave it to me.

6 Songs You Should Listen To Right Now:

1. "Sunburn" by Owl City
2. "Help I'm Alive" by Metric (also check out the remix by The Twelves)
3. "Hell" by Tegan and Sara
4. "Come On, Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson
5. "My Mirror Speaks" by Death Can For Cutie
6. "Blow Away" by A Fine Frenzy

Let Songsnack Music Reviews know what you think of any of these songs. Love 'em or hate 'em.

Third Eye Blind - Can't Get Away From You

This is a really nice song off what is probably one of my favorite albums ever ("Out of the Vein"). The song is "Can't Get Away From You" by Third Eye Blind and it is simply fantastic. Do check out the song here (a taste of it, rather - paste the link in your browser):

I would really like to hear what you think about it. I personally never get tired of it. And LOL, that song I link to you above stops after "and I'm taking off your clothes." You just know you have to hear the rest of it.

Songsnack Music Reviews 4 lyfe

Songsnack Music Reviews

I thought I'd take some time to go into Songsnack and it's future. I stopped updating the site for awhile but have come back to it because my affinity to recommend music just appears to be too much. That being said, if you read any of my blog posts and you like any of the music, please feel free to spread the word on Songsnack. Word of mouth is all I'm really doing for advertising at the moment, and most of all I don't really wish for any monetary gain, just your comments/feedback on the music (and possible recommendations from you).

Songsnack: lurves its readers.

Owl City - Ocean Eyes

Awhile back I stumbled upon a free Owl City song on Amazon - their daily free MP3s... it used to be to the right on the home page but it seems to have since been moved, so look around - I actually didn't think much of the song ("Fireflies") but for whatever reason bought the album on Itunes. It's shockingly decent. I didn't expect the guy from Owl City to hit the mainstream so hard (a #1 song on Itunes), but I am happy to say the least now that the album is finally getting the ample appreciation it deserves. That being said, you should most definitely give Owl City a chance.

They're a real hoot. Link:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Best Movie Songs

All right, Best Movies Songs. So I'm the kind of person who will completely pause my life just so I can get the lyrics and name of a song I hear on TV or in a movie. Mostly movies, since I don't watch many of those "niche" TV shows that play new artists (Grey's Anatomy, et all), I just READ about what songs they played.

Anyway, let's begin. Here is a list of some songs I have stumbled upon while watching a movie (which is about the only time I'm not actively looking for new music...guh).

1. Mason Jennings - Which Way Your Heart Will Go
From Ghost Town (2008 version)

2. The Pixies - Where Is My Mind
From Fight Club

3. Elliot Smith - Angeles
From Good Will Hunting

4. The Kinks - Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl
From Rushmore

5. The Shins - New Slang
From Garden State

6. Coldplay - Don't Panic
From Igby Goes Down

And there you are. As you can see, I went for quality, not quantity, and if there were any more songs on the list they would probably be from the Rushmore and Garden State soundtracks (which everyone has probably already heard to death by now and will call me an asshat for mentioning). A notable song that almost made the cut in Best Movie Songs is Hash-Pipe by Weezer, but I thought the experience for that is kind of non-existent seeing as I already knew the song/artist when I saw it in the Emmy Award-Winning movie American Pie 2.

Lanae' Hale - Free Music

Lanae Hale - Back & Forth...I think I'm in love? I was watching the local news today and saw who I thought was some fly-by-night Jewel wannabe, nothing special...but after I heard her song Back & Forth (from the album of the same name), I was utterly f'n hooked.

Give her a try and let me know what you think of my future wife.

Download the song Back & Forth here (zip file):,0,6172122.story

Listen to samples of other songs off Back & Forth:

Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist

Ah, the Smashing Pumpkins. The band that changes members more often than Mariah Carey changes shoes. 2007 marked the return of Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlain and two new members who I STILL can't remember the names of. Regardless, the new SP released Zeitgeist which was for the most part critically panned by critics and most die-hard fans because it wasn't another Siamese Dream, or even Machina. The first single they released was "Tarantula," a song that really got a lot of heads turning, kind words lavished, and sparkly doe-eyed fans looking forward to the new album with much hope and positivity. As expected, it was all a set-up!

Well...not really. Not every song had the same old SP feel as Turantula, but most of the songs were beautifully poetic and rockin'. I've personally loved Zeitgeist ever since I picked it up on a village-drowning rainy day in July. It was the perfect way to sink into relentlessly dark and angsty songs like Bleeding The Orchid and 7 Shades Of Black. Though, there WAS one big letdown in the fact that the album came in so many special editions - at least 6 - that I couldn't decide which one to get. However, I was more than satisfied with my pick: the "default" red album with the bonus track "Zeitgeist" (which, correct me if I'm wrong...was a Target-exclusive).

If you know SP your faith in them has probably dwindled after hearing about Jimmy Chamberlain leaving the band...but who cares? We're all still going to buy the next album to see where Billy Corgan takes things next, and how many different colored albums he's going to try and make us collect. Anyway, if you're new to SP start with the older stuff and listen to it IN ORDER if you can. It's the best way to experience how they - mostly Billy - changed over time.

Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist - comes in more colors than Kool-Aid.

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes' self-titled album Fleet Foxes is an interesting little adventure. Listening to the whole album is akin to sitting on a hill and watching the sun go down. It's an all-around great album - songs like Quiet Houses and White Winter Hymnal absolutely brim with breathless beauty (seek out the latter's music video, nice stop-motion). I should note that one of their best songs - Mykonos - is only available on The Sun Giant EP. Which is just as good as Fleet Foxes. Give the songs a listen, and I'm sure you'll want to hear more.

Fleet Foxes - Quiet House:

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal:

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos:

New Music Out Now

Here is a list of New Music Out Now (all released this week):

Eminem - Relapse
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
Marylin Manson - The High End Of Low

If you pick any of these up, feel free to post your thoughts on them. I personally picked up Relapse, am I'm still on the fence about Grizzly Bear, and I never really cared to get into Marilyn Manson (all I know are his singles, which is bad of me I'm sure...but regardless, I did like most of them). Also, if I miss anything feel free to bitch-slap me.

Expect another New Music Out Now post this Sunday.

Random Music Playlist vol. 2

Here is another Random Music Playlist for you. Feel free to comment and tell me what kind of music you like and I'll go ahead and try to put together a decent playlist for you (I do it all the time for my friends...I mean several DOZEN times a day), I'd gladly do it.

Random Music Playlist vol. 2

1. Butthole Surfers - Pepper
2. Bloodhound Gang - Along Comes Mary
3. Tonic - Knock Down Walls
4. Burden Brothers - Beautiful Night
5. Hoobastank - All About You

Like it? Don't like it? Let me know.

Radiohead - In Rainbows

Radiohead's latest album In Rainbows was truly the highlight of last year for me. From Radiohead's clever little "go to our site and download our album...and pay us whatever you want" attention-seeking album build-up, to the song Reckoner, it was just such a memorable experience...ESPECIALLY on vinyl. Seriously, listen to In Rainbows on vinyl and there's no comparison, and I'm not saying that as if I'm a bias vinyl-divotee...I own maybe 12 records, tops. Point is, it's just so much "warmer," so if you can, seek out the vinyl. Mwah.

Album art (pretty crazy):

Check out the song "Reckoner" here:

Feel feel to state your thoughts and opinions on In Rainbows below.

Random Music Playlist vol. 1

Here is a Random Music Playlist that I recently put together:

1. Third Eye Blind - An Ode To maybe
2. Barenaked Ladies - Down To Earth
3. Joshua Radin - Brand New Day
4. Beck - Modern Guilt
5. Stars - Look Up

Like it? Don't like it? Let me know.

Air Traffic - Fractured Life

If you like Radiohead then you'll probably like Air Traffic. The lead singer not only sounds a lot like Thom Yorke, he even looks a bit like him too. I can't say they have as much depth and genius as Radiohead, but their new album Fractured Life has a few great songs on it like Charlotte and No Running Away. The latter songs drums sounds a lot like the ones on "There There" by Radiohead.

Oh and of course Shooting Star (the bread and butter of the album).

Feel feel to state your thoughts and opinions on Fractured Life below.

Beck - Modern Guilt

Modern Guilt is Beck's latest album, released mid-08. Personally I think it's a 4+ star effort. Much better than The Information.

Album art:

Check out his Itunes-exclusive track "TimeBomb":

Feel feel to state your thoughts and opinions on Modern Guilt below.

Dave Matthews Band - new album

Dave Matthews Band's new album Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King will be released on June 2 according to So far I've heard nothing but good things, even so much as people hailing at as their best album yet. Big claims, indeed. Let's hope it's true.

Album art:

Check out the bonus track "Beach ball":

Feel feel to state your thoughts and opinions on said album below.

Welcome to Songsnack Music Reviews

Welcome to Songsnack Music Reviews. Where we have an absolutely tasty array of song/album recommendations. Basically the aim here is to give you short and concise recommendations of music you should listen to and/or skip, new album releases, singles, reviews, etc.

Let's not waste any more time - "song snackage" forthwith.