Monday, February 22, 2010

Project Diva OST - So You Think You Can Polka?

One day whilst wading through list after list of "best albums ever" lists on Amazon I stumbled  upon some random anime/videogame fan's listmania-thing, which happened to list some "rhythm-action" game entitled "Project Diva." After watching a video of super-deformed anime character heads fly on the screen to psychedelic supernova effects singing "YO!" I knew I had to import it - from Japan -  since it's the only way you can get it. The game's music is nothing short of fantastic, even if it is in Japanese, and that lead me to - actually willingly - purchase the two-disc game soundtrack as well.

Yes, I bought some music.Call me crazy.

I was kind of surprised of the range and scope of the soundtrack. There is a hip-hop/polka song (trust me, it works), bubblegum pop (which makes up most of the album), and even a song that is mostly sung in fast-forward. A bit hard to explain, but it's pretty unique and wholly infectious, and well... cute--I RECOMMEND!