Saturday, December 12, 2009

Help Songsnack Music Reviews Grow

There are a lot of ways you can help make Songsnack Music Reviews grow. One way is to follow us on Twitter and/or repost our articles there (or any other music forum, blog etc. - wherever you like, any attention is good attention, mang). Also, if you have any reviews you would like me to publish or would like to write and contribute anything to the site, feel free to email me here (I'll respond post-haste):

You can email me questions, opinions, suggest I review a certain artist, or just call me an idiotic cocksucker - your choice. If you don't want to type an email you can always use the chat at the top. Ill gladly answer any and all queries (even ones like "why are you such an idioctic cocksucker?"). Spread the word - my goal here is to fuel music-related discussion and debate and share music recommendations (so never hesitate to recommend something in the comments section of any article). Thanks for reading, my lovelies.

Songsnack Music Reviews
- It was good for us.

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