Friday, December 11, 2009

Free MP3 by Other Girls

For the most part Amazon's free music downloads are middling-at-best, though there are some gems from time to time (I did find Owl City this way). The thing about these songs are they mostly put up singles which aren't always the best songs on (insert name's) album. In fact, some of these are putrid puddles of assgruel, nothing more. But from time to time there are some good'uns. I'm going to keep you updated on what's there until we hit pay dirt. Sound Good?

Though you should hurry, some songs are free for a few days to a week. Others for a day. That being said, go ahead and download this one (and try to follow me here and not miss out on some good songs):

Amazon/ left nav bar/Movies, Music & Games/then MP3 Downloads

The song is Hey Fella, Ya Fell by Other Girls. Not bad at all. It's loopable... and did I mention it's free? Get it now!

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- The other Other Girls

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